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Join us in-person on March 8, 2024!

The Navy relies on a variety of technologies and platforms to project U.S. power around the world, such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines and other combat vessels. Tying all of these platforms together are IT systems.

Relying on command-and-control systems, telecommunications, intelligence, satellites, and other IT systems is how the Navy ensures it successfully completes its mission. Because of this, the Navy has often been at the forefront of new technologies and new ways to procure technologies.

At this Washington Technology Power Breakfast, we’ll hear from Navy leaders as they share their success stories and lessons learned. They’ll discuss new initiatives and what technologies they want to leverage going forward.

We’ll also provide an analysis of what the Navy spends and who its top contractors are.


Nick Wakeman

Editor in Chief

Washington Technology

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Nick Wakeman

Editor in Chief

Washington Technology

Nick Wakeman is the editor-in-chief of Washington Technology and joined the publication in 1996 as a staff writer. He's a graduate of Bridgewater College and earned a masters degree from American University. When he isn't writing about government contractors, he's thinking of cooking large pieces of meat over fire and dreaming of ways to embarrass his two sons.

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